3/16 kunifer coil 7.62mtrs

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3/16 kunifer coil 7.62mtrs for brake pipe, oil pipe and fuel usage

Refined Kunifer Alloy: Crafted from a superior kunifer alloy renowned for its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, our brake pipes ensure enduring performance and reliability in diverse conditions.

Precision Engineering: Utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques, we maintain a consistent diameter and wall thickness throughout the brake pipe’s length, mitigating weak points and potential leaks. Pressure tested to 1841 PSI – 127 BAR, our seamless 22-gauge pipes undergo 100% electronic testing, conforming to BS EN 12449 cleanliness standards.

Optimal Bend Radius: Our brake pipes feature an ideal bend radius, enabling effortless installation around tight corners and bends while preserving structural integrity and fluid flow. For tighter bends, a bending tool is recommended for the easiest and fastest pipe shaping.

Temperature Resilience: Engineered to endure the high temperatures generated during braking without deformation or performance loss, our brake pipes maintain reliable braking efficiency even in extreme conditions.

Flexibility and Durability: Designed to withstand a steady degree of flexibility, our brake pipes facilitate easy installation and alignment with brake components, reducing the risk of kinks or damage during fitting. It’s advised to bend slowly to prevent overworking the kunifer and potential hardening.

Leak-Proof Design: Equipped with precision fittings and connectors, our brake pipes create secure seals, minimizing the risk of fluid leakage and ensuring consistent brake performance.

Adherence to Safety Standards: Manufactured in compliance with industry safety standards and regulations, our brake pipes guarantee suitability for use in automotive brake systems, providing peace of mind for vehicle owners and professionals alike.