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Midget MK V 1500 LHD brake pipe kit in kunifer

Crafted with pliable kunifer and solid brass end fittings, our pipes arrive meticulously labelled with their intended routes, ensuring effortless fitting.

Premium kunifer Alloy: Engineered from top-tier kunifer (90% copper, 10% nickel mix) renowned for its robustness and resistance to corrosion, guaranteeing enduring performance across diverse environments.

Precision Craftsmanship: Employing advanced manufacturing methods, we maintain consistent diameter and wall thickness throughout the length of the brake pipe, mitigating weak points or leaks. Pressure tested to 1841 PSI – 127 BAR, our seamless 22-gauge pipes adhere to BS EN 12449 cleanliness standards.

Optimal Bend Radius: Our pipes boast an ideal bend radius, facilitating hassle-free installation around tight turns and bends without compromising structural integrity or fluid flow. For tighter bends, a bending tool is recommended to ensure swift and easy shaping.

High-Temperature Endurance: Designed to withstand the intense heat generated during braking without deformation or performance loss, our pipes ensure steadfast braking efficiency even in extreme conditions.

Supple Flexibility: Withstanding a degree of flexibility, our brake pipes aid installation and alignment with brake components, minimising the risk of kinks or damage during fitting. Bend gradually to avoid overworking the kunifer and potential hardening.

Leak Resistance: Engineered with precision fittings and connectors, our pipes create secure seals, reducing the likelihood of fluid leakage and maintaining consistent brake performance.

Safety Standards Adherence: Manufactured in accordance with industry safety standards and regulations, our brake pipes guarantee suitability for use in automotive brake systems.

Authenticity Assurance: Crafted to original manufacturer specifications, our kits are not intended for vehicles modified post-sale, ensuring compatibility with original patterns.