3/8 unf male brake pipe fitting in brass

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3/8×24 tpi

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3/8 unf male in brass 3/8×24 tpi

Refined Precision Machining: Leveraging advanced CNC techniques to achieve exacting tolerances and flawless threading, guaranteeing impeccable compatibility and a snug connection with brake components.

Surface Excellence: Crafted from premium European-grade brass, our fittings boast an impeccable surface finish, elevating corrosion resistance and visual allure while delivering a flawlessly smooth surface for optimal sealing.

Enduring Strength: Engineered with fortified brass alloys, our fittings stand the test of time with enhanced strength and durability, ensuring unwavering performance even in the most demanding braking scenarios.

Assured Quality: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our stringent quality control protocols, meticulously applied at every stage of production to uphold uniformity and reliability, surpassing industry benchmarks.